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Here is the continued article of “Lisbon in Portugal( Part 2)"

Lisbon, Portugal is a great tourist site in Europe. Lisbon is ranked very high in most blogtravel’s recommended tourist stie, and for good reason. The city offers a sensation that is very different from what you might expect in a Europe country. All in all, a recommended destination in Europe and particularly in Portugal.

Here is the continued article of "Bruges - Highly recommended destination in Belgium (Part 2)".

Bruges in Belgium seems like a paradise for a person with an old-school taste. Everything around the town looks likes it is very well-preserved since medieval time. This is thanks to the old canal system that is still functional and well-preserved. Aside from that, the people, the architecture is also noteworthy. Bruges in this time is not that different from Bruges from years ago. All in all, a beatiful city that appreared on a lot of recommended destinations list. You should visit Bruges and see these attractions below soon.

Singapore is a small island country in Asia. There may not be a lot of physical domain in this country but there are sure a lot of fun to be had in Singapore. A modern, clean, friendly country is sure the number one place in everyone's must-visit-list when they are happen to be in Asia. And if you are actually in Singapore, there are some attractions you must consider visiting.