Luxury hotels in Seoul, Korea.


Korea is a good destination in Asia if you are not into the heat of South East Asia. Korea is always at a medium temperature, with good food and amazing culture. I am sure you will find tons of fun if you visit Korea. And if you are looking to treat yourself a bit, a good luxury hotel in Seoul is sure gonna be perfect for your trip.

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Four Seasons Hotel

Four Seasons Hotel via CPP-Luxury

“Located in Gwanghwamun, where long-standing traditions and modern skyscrapers coexist, coming here feels like being in an oasis in the city. Andre Fu, an interior designer from Hong Kong who is famous for his minimalistic designs, created the hotel’s restaurants, Kioku and Yu Yuan. The Charles H Bar was designed by AvroKO, who got people’s attention by recreating 1920s New York in Seoul.”

Grand Hyatt Seoul

Grand Hyatt Seoul via Hipmunk

Located in the heart of Namsan, the view alone is reason enough to stay here. With hands down the best panoramic view in Seoul, there’s also a trail leading straight to the mountain and a fully utilized outdoor space. The space doubles as a swimming pool in the summer and an ice rink in the winter, both consistently ranking high on Seoul’s best to do lists. In-house restaurants, Akasak (Japanese) and Paris Grill are both popular dining options that demonstrate the range of the cuisine available at the hotel. 

Park Hyatt Seoul

Park Hyatt Seoul via Cool Hunting

Enter the extravagant 6-star Park Hyatt expecting modern baroque aesthetics and you might find the interior a little minimal for your liking. The first thing that will catch you about the rooms is not the plush, white bed but the hypnotizing view of the World Trade Center nestled against the skyscrapers. This view is the hotel’s strongest asset and you catch it all times – from the comfort of your bathroom tub or from the gym in your sweats. Reminiscent of “Lost in Translation”, the Park Hyatt is focused on a futuristic ambience. 

Ritz-Carlton Hotel Seoul

Ritz-Carlton Hotel Seoul via Business Korea

Modeled after 18th century Palace of Versailles, the Ritz Carlton is a five-star hotel with marble floors, four-tier chandeliers, and 375 guest rooms—a place built with airs of nobility. Located at the heart of Gangnam nightlife, the hotel is a step away from Sinnonhyeon Station and comes complete with lavish décor, wood paneled doors, and earth tone infused linen bedding. However with tradition comes age—you may spot a slight crack here and there on the bathroom countertops, and the water pressure may be a little lower than the rainforest shower heads at other hotels these days.

Lotte Hotel

Lotte Hotel, Seoul via Expedia

At over 1,120 rooms, the Lotte Hotel is the biggest hotel in Seoul and rests in close proximity to the Blue House, Euljiro, and Myeong-dong. A stay at the Lotte Hotel includes a few must-dos. First up is a round of shopping at the echoing brand, Lotte Department Stores. Next, you must revel in the Haeon sheets suffed with Hungarian duck feather. Don’t go to sleep quite yet for you need to try the full beauty treatment at Sulhwasoo Spa.

JW Marriott Dongdaemum Square Seoul

JW Marriott Dongdaemum Square Seoul via Agoda

Ask anyone where the hippest hotel in Seoul is, and most of them would pick the JW Marriott Dongdaemun Square Seoul. Opened just last February, this five-star boutique hotel is marked by its classy interior design. At 170 suites and 11-stories, this hotel is relatively smaller than other chains. However, the modest building manages to make up for its size with its grand presence. 

Surely you will have a wonderful time staying in these hotels.

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