Son Tra Peninsula in Da Nang

Son Tra Peninsula
Son Tra Peninsula


Son Tra Peninsula is located 10km from the northeast of Da Nang City. It looks like a mushroom with its peak of 693m above sea level. The cap of the mushroom is Son Tra Mountain and its stalk is the white sandy beach that affords an ideal area for bathing, playing sports, fishing and swimming.

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The detail of Son Tra Peninsula

Son Tra is a special gift of the god to Da Nang. It can be seen from every places of the city. With its sea-oriented appearance, Son Tra acts as a giant screen protecting Da Nang from storms and cyclones coming from the sea.

Son Tra Mountain
Son Tra Mountain

Son Tra Mountain is natural preservation area with various kinds of plants and animals. On this mountain, there still remain more than 30km2 of natural forests, nearly 300 types of plants and several hundred kinds of fauna, including rare animal. The scenery is very attractive, it is said that fairies usually chose this place for landing, singing, dancing and playing chess. The name Tien Sa (Tien: Fairy, Sa: landing) is rooted from that. From the top of the mountain, we can see the view of beloved city, Marble Mountains, Ba Na – Mount Chua. It is an enjoyable and peaceful vista.

Suoi Da Stream
Suoi Da Stream

Suoi Da Stream lies by the side of the foot of the mountain, fine sandy surfaces run round the peninsula, several breaks of waves are running steadily up and down and washing up on the stones heaped up around the seaside. There it is quiet Bai But with groups of small, nice-looking houses, where people can sit for hours to hear the thunder of waves and view the slanginess on the far mount cliffs. At the mount foot, there are colorful and graceful coral beaches where diving tourism can develop.

It is so majestic and it is so romantic, it is so wide and it is really beautiful. In one-day stay at Son Tra, visitors can enjoy living in the resplendent flow of dawn and the quietness of twilight on this fascinating landscape. And that is a time for them to realize the value of each and every moment and the true calling of the hearts.


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